Virtual Lab X

Deploy high-performance virtual labs in seconds

Virtual Lab X provides an optimized high-performance virtual machine for data science. This machine includes cutting edge data science tools such as Neo4j and Gephi for graph analytics. You can deploy Virtual Lab X with up 416 vCPU and more than 11 TB of RAM.

Virtual Lab N

Deploy optimized machines for Apache NiFi

Apache NiFi is an advanced dataflow platform that handles the data at an impressive rate of 32.6 GB/sec (141.3 million events per second). Virtual Lab N is a ready to deploy NiFi Virtual Machine with all required Unix setup for responsive remote management. You can deploy Virtual Lab N on Microsoft Azure with upto 11TB of RAM and 32TB of high performance disk storage.

Virtual Lab A

Deploy optimized machines for Apache Airflow

Apache Airflow is an elegant solution for data engineers to create reliable and maintainable processes. Virtual Lab A is a pre-setup optimized machine that includes Airflow, SQL and NoSQL Databases. You can deploy Virtual Lab A on Microsoft Azure in seconds and save on configuration cost and complexity.